Top 7 Reasons Why You Do Need a Boat Cover All Year Round

Why You Should Cover Your Boat After Every Single Outing Especially Over the Summer

You're the proud owner of a beautiful boat and you love being out on the water every chance you get.

Where the sun is shining, the waves are crashing and you feel like this is the perfect place for some relaxation time with your friends and family.

But what if I told you that there was a way you could spend more time like this out on the water because you’d be spending less time on repairs and cleaning your boat, all because you invested in a high quality custom boat cover.

In today's article, I'm going to answer the age-old question of "Do You Really Need A Boat Cover?"

The short answer is yes, you do need a boat cover, but stick around because I'm also going to share with you the top 7 benefits of why you do need a boat cover.

Depending on Your Geographical Location, You May Need a Boat Cover for Different Reasonings

Old vintage compass on ancient map
If you live in an area where it rains frequently throughout the year, having a boat cover would be absolutely necessary to protect your boat from getting damaged by water.

If you happen to live in a dry location, where rain is a little more scarce during the summer, then a boat cover is needed to protect against the harsh UV rays.

Now, Before We Go Any Further Let's First Define What a Boat Cover Is

A boat cover can be defined as an item of canvas, plastic or other material which is placed over the exterior of the boat to protect it from water, dirt damage and other debris.

There are many types of boat covers depending on your needs, but today we will be focusing on three types:

• Travel covers
Custom boat covers
• Shrink-wrap cover


Travel Covers are used for when you are trailering your boat to and from your home


Are for when you're out on the water enjoying the fresh air


Also known as shrink film) are mainly used when you are not using your boat for a long time, maybe in the backyard over the winter

For Those Who Live Close to the Sea

Having a boat cover would be very important so that it will protect your boat from the salt water that is more damaging than fresh water.

When Purchasing a Boat Cover

Make sure that you get one that is made from high quality marine grade materials so that it will last for a long time.

So Let's Get on With Why You Definitely Need to Invest in a Boat Cover Today!

1 - Your Boat Will Look Newer Longer

Who wants to show up on the water with cracked boat upholstery, faded colors and an interior that is yellowing?

We know we sure don't, and if we were to guess... neither do you.

You've spent a lot of money on your boat, why not keep it looking fresh each and every time you take it out on the water.

Nothing shows pride like a boat that shows up on that water looking like it just came off the showroom floor.

This also brings us to our next benefit of investing in a high quality custom boat cover.

2 - The Impact of UV on Boat Upholstery and Interior Is Detrimental

Shining sun with cloud in  blue sky
We've all been victims of damaging UV rays in some form or fashion.

Whether it's left us with a sunburn that leaves us in pain for weeks, or maybe it's faded our favorite t-shirt of all its color.

The damaging UV sun rays can do a number on your boat upholstery, interior finishings and paint job if you're not careful.

Not only will you be burnt like a lobster without a boat cover, but so will your boat itself and everything in the way of those harsh UV rays.

Without a boat cover, UV rays from sunlight will damage and break down your upholstery and other interior surfaces.

When you do go back to use your boat, these problems will only get worse and worse over time.

The fabric is not the only thing that will deteriorate when your boat sits out in the sun unprotected.

The constant exposure to the sun will also damage and break down all of the hardware and materials of your boat's interior.

Do you want to be the one who has to pay for all of these repairs because you decided not to use a boat cover?

Even though this is not something that happens overnight, it's guaranteed to over time.

You can save yourself lots of money and hassle by protecting your investment with a high quality boat cover.

So if you don't want to be replacing your boat's interior every few years because it's cracked, faded or unrepairable, then you just might want to invest in an inexpensive boat cover that will protect you and your boat from the sun.

3 - Spend Less Time Cleaning Your Boat and More Time Enjoying It

Spend less time cleaning your boat and more time enjoying it.
Have you ever been out on a friend's boat that looked like he used it for his yard trimmings?

He has leaves, sticks, and who knows what else in his boat.

Obviously, you don't want to ignore all of that rubbish because a stick may puncture the upholstery, or the sand and dirt gets into places where it will cause bigger problems down the road.

So before you can even get out on the water, you want to make sure you take some time cleaning the thing.

Your friend could have simply saved himself the hassle by having a custom made boat cover.

Since we're on the topic of that one friend... This brings us to the next reason why you do need a boat cover...

4 - Who Wants to Finally Arrive at the Water Only to Have to Sit on a Wet Seat

Person in waterproofs sitting in front of boat sailing in rain storm
Don't show up at the lake having to take an hour to clean the boat before you can get out on the water.

I'm sure we've all experienced a storm on our way to the lake for a few kilometers.

You know one of those storms where it's sunny everywhere except under that one cloud...

Without a boat cover, you should see the mess it makes in the back of the boat.

The seats are soaked, the console has water all over the instruments and there's usually about 3 inches of water sloshing around the bottom of the boat.

Needless to say, it only takes one of those trips for you to show up the next weekend with a shiny new custom fitted boat cover.

5 - No One Likes a Peeping Tom

Talk to any boat owner who has a boat cover, and they'll tell you that they always put items in the bottom of their boat when traveling.

Having a boat cover means having comfort knowing your boat is off limits to prying eyes and peeping toms when you pick up some ice at the gas station in the next town over.

6 - Don't You Just Hate Finding Out That Some Bird Decided to Use the Interior of Your Boat for Target Practice?

I don't know what's worse, finding it when it's fresh and easy to clean but disgusting.

Or finding it when it's all dry but near impossible to clean off entirely.

Either way, this is easily preventable and should definitely be considered the next time you ask if you need a boat cover.

Now last but definitely not least is another very big reason as to why you most definitely need a boat cover.

7 - Protect Your Investment With a Boat Cover Rather Than Throwing Thousands of Dollars Each Year Into Repairs

With all the reasons we have given you as to why you should invest in a boat cover, it all comes down to throwing away thousands of dollars on repairs that could have easily been prevented.

- Replacing boat upholstery that is cracking and fading because of sun damage

-Diagnosing electrical issues because the water made its way inside somewhere it wasn't supposed to

- Replacing cushions and panels because of mold

- Replacing interior that has become damaged from dirt and debris collecting over time

- Or finding out someone made off with your fishing gear when you were inside the gas station

As you can see, everything would come down to preventable expenses, which equates to less time out on the water.


So the next time you think about whether or not you need a boat cover, don't just think about the money it costs, but the time and hassle of having to deal with those unnecessary repairs.

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